Employee Spotlight



Jotty joined Allegion in June 2011 as a summer intern.

Jotty joined Allegion in June 2011 as a summer intern. Allegion decided to employ Jotty on a graduate scheme which allowed her to work in various parts of the business, and then offered her a permanent position in sales. Her main responsibilities as an internal sales executive include getting external sales team appointments with architects, contractors & door manufacturers to promote our products and delivering CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presentations to Architects. In March, Jotty started her new role enrichment as an End User Promoter. Her objective is to create demand by promoting Allegion products and our new “Try Me” service to targeted end users. “Try Me” is our service for hospitals, office buildings & commercial buildings to install a free door closer as an exclusive trial of the solution – PLUS the customer gets to keep the door closer if they are satisfied, and can buy more to meet their needs.


“The best thing about my role enrichment is that I get to learn a lot about Allegion products and our customers. I have learned about  Briton, Cisa, Legge, SimonsVoss and Brio – which will enable me to see customers and promote “Try Me”. In the future I can promote myself without a sales person. Plus, this new role comes with trainings, like a ‘Fire door inspection scheme,’ which will give me an accreditation! What I like most about my new role isbeing the leader of a brand new campaign #1 Briton, and the great mix between office job and face-to-face interaction with customers!”


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